December 9, 2014

It's My Birthday And I'll Shop If I Want To

Birthday Wishlist

As much as I'd like to purchase everything on my birthday wishlist, it's just not gonna happen...but dreamers can dream right?!  Here's what's on my 29th birthday wishlist!

I've already ordered the set of Macro filters and the National Geographic Magazine subscriptions...I'm excited to try out those filters!!!  They'll have to hold me over until I can get my hands on that 105mm lens.  Aside from the t-shirt and reflectors, everything else on my list is over my budget right now.

I'm hoping to get a pair of those hiking boots and that camera bag sometime in the next 3 months...that camera bag is absolutely perfect.  It includes a compartment for a water bladder AND the bottom bag swivels out of the main part of the bag so that if you need to change your lens or get something in a hurry, you don't have to take the bag off in order to do so.  How perfect is that?!

Have a great week!



  1. I'll take one of each, please! (The Canon versions of the lenses, though!) The bag, especially... at first I liked the idea of having one bag for my camera that I just always use...but now I'm realizing that I pretty much need an arsenal. I use inserts for sight seeing and day hikes, and I just bought a fully submersible Lowepro Dryzone bag for kayaking and boating. (I haven't flipped yet but it's in my future.) A really durable backpack is the next thing on my list for longer camping trips and hikes, and I really like the swivel feature of this one!

    1. I have a feeling that I'm going to become a bag lady...I want something from Jo Totes to double as my everyday bag and then this one. Now that I know submersible bags are a thing I'm going to have to check out the Lowepro Dryzone bag!

    2. Is great! It's like two bags in one. The inner tote is weather proof and comes out of the submersible outer wrap, and I carry it buy itself on rainy days or dewy mornings. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a cross body strap, but I think I'm crafty enough to put something together. :)

    3. Ahhhh that's awesome! I'd also like to invest in a waterproof casing for my camera at some point too. We missed out on our Sunday hike today because it was pouring rain all day! Thanks for the input on the tripod by the way! I'll see what I can find in my budget soon :)

    4. Oooh! I am thinking about the same thing! It will be awhile though, in my case. As much as I'd love to dive right in, I don't want to take my only DSLR under water. Once I upgrade though, which isn't TOO far off, my current cam is going under!

  2. Your list is quite unusual. Some things are simply necessary for everyone. However, it is great that you want to receive a new lens.


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