January 11, 2015

At The Park // Desolate Times

As someone who enjoys nature photography, I get a wee bit discouraged during the winter season.  I love capturing images of insects, reptiles, flowers, and a multitude of other subjects that hunker down and stay out of sight until Spring rolls around.  I decided to venture down to the park today and see what I could find.

I remembered a photo I took at this location a few years back, and I can't believe how much change has occurred due to drought.  So sad.  We used to visit this part of the lake regularly to feed ducks and geese-which have since migrated to another part of the lake that's in a residential area.

There was no shortage of litter strewn about the park today, and I picked up quite a bit including a Walgreen's bag, 2 empty cans of Monster, some broken glass, and plastic soda rings (not sure what they're called).

All in all, I feel like I captured the atmosphere of the park pretty well: Cold, Dead, and Desolate.

I did manage to capture a photo of a gull flying low over the mud, and I've kind of fallen in love with it.  I love photos that capture the beauty of life in a seemingly dead atmosphere.

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Are you experiencing drought in your part of the world?
How has it affected places that you visit or the wildlife that inhabit it?


  1. I get discouraged during the Winter season, though. Weather wise - Winter is my favorite. I enjoy the cold. Photography wise - it's definitely NOT my favorite. There aren't nearly as many nature things to photograph when it's cold and gloomy.

  2. I get really discouraged and bummed out during winter too. Not do to a lack of wildlife and/or growth, since there isn't TOO big of a difference here... it's because winter = no daylight saving time! With the sun setting so early, I can do absolutely no daylight shooting M-F, unless I bring my gear to work, which is risky.

    It's really sad about your park. I think that last photo is powerful though - the gull sweeping over the tiny bit of water that's left...speaks a lot for the importance of water conservation.

    1. I'm lucky in that regard, I get 3 days out of the week (aside from the weekend) where I get off work at 2, so there's still time to go somewhere to take photos.

    2. That is awesome! If I had the option of cutting a day or two short.... well actually I'll be honest, I'd probably choose to start late instead of leaving early, to get more sleep.

      Also, I meant to write due* to. :P I hate when I notice typos right when I hit publish.

  3. These photos are gorgeous!! The difference between the park in those two photos is crazy. Kinda neat that the buoys are still there though.

    1. Thank you! I didn't visit that part of the lake in a really long time, and I can't even begin to describe what it was like to see it like that, when the last time I saw it there was plenty of water.


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