May 31, 2015

10 Things // May 2015

I learned about Mammatus Clouds:
I enjoyed nearly an entire month full of my favorite weather, and took lightning photos for the first time:
I spent a ton of time at the park taking photos of critters like this:
I put a twist on one of my Fun Shoot Friday posts by featuring a Gulf Coast Toad:
 I found this cute little guy , and shared a little photoshoot of him:
Our local water levels have gone up and there's actually lots of water in the creeks and lakes now :)
More water in the lake, means more cute ducky visitors!
Kittens at my moms house!
I got to spend some time with my nephew!

April (and May) showers brought May flowers...and snails :)
More stuff I loved about May:

  • Matthew and I went to see Mad Max, which was SO AWESOME!  (I can't mention a Tom Hardy film without recommending The Drop-it's soooo good!  Definitely check it out!!)
  • My mom volunteered to go see Poltergeist with my little brother and me.  My mom isn't usually into creepy movies, so this was so much fun! dorky cute is Sam Rockwell?!  I love that guy!
  • Penny Dreadful is back!
  • I'm on Vacation!!! 

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