October 2, 2016

101 in 1001

Knowing myself, and that I always have a hard time sticking to goal lists that start at the start of the year, or the beginning of the month...I've decided to jump into the Day Zero Project, and create a 101 in 1001 list to start NOW!  I was a bit surprised by how quickly I came up with this list, and having 1001 days in which to try and accomplish most, if not all, of the items on my list...is making me more excited than usual to get started.  So here we go:

  1. Reach My Weight Loss Goal
  2. Complete 4 Rounds of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide
  3. Do 5 Consecutive Pull-ups
  4. Buy a Bike.  I'm LOVING this one!
  5. Go to the Dentist
  6. Pay Off My Credit Cards
  7. Have $1,000 in Savings
  8. Build a Capsule Wardrobe
  9. Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
  10. Drink Only Water for 30 Days
  11. Become a Beekeeper *Again*
  12. Be Drafted to a Roller Derby Team
  13. Master the Slingshot
  14. Complete a Taxidermy Project
  15. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  16. Make a Morse Code Bracelet
  17. Grow a "Mold Farm"
  18. Make Bubble Bars
  19. Complete the Hoop Love Coach Training Program
  20. Learn To Do FX Makeup
  21. Travel to 12 Amazing Places in Texas
  22. Travel to 9 States
  23. Go on a Cruise
  24. Go on a Roadtrip
  25. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  26. Visit New Zealand
  27. Get 10 New Tattoos
  28. Build a Time Capsule
  29. Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle
  30. Fly a Kite
  31. Sew My Own Clothes
  32. Learn to Play the Musical Saw
  33. Make a Balloon Animal
  34. Have a Silly String Fight
  35. Make a Short Film
  36. Memorize "Ice Ice Baby"
  37. Discover My DNA Ancestry
  38. Learn to Shoot My Camera in Manual Mode
  39. Photograph a Tornado
  40. Photograph the Night Sky
  41. Get Paid for a Photoshoot
  42. Have a Photo Published in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine
  43. Buy a Macro Lens
  44. Buy a Wide Angle Lens
  45. Photograph a Rattlesnake in the Wild
  46. Participate in a 52 Week Photo Challenge Probably this one!
  47. Make 12 GIFs
  48. Go Storm Chasing
  49. Grow an Herb Garden
  50. Go Camping
  51. See a Lightning Storm Over the Ocean
  52. Go Kayaking
  53. Learn to Identify 10 Constellations
  54. See the Bats at Bracken Cave
  55. Have a Picnic in a Tree
  56. Go Trail Skating
  57. Go Backpacking
  58. Buy an Apple Computer
  59. Become Self Employed
  60. Organize My Home Office
  61. Create Multiple Income Streams
  62. Learn To Do My Taxes
  63. Make and Launch An Online Course
  64. Create Passive Income
  65. Learn to Edit Photos in Lightroom
  66. Reach 3,000 Followers on Bloglovin'  You can follow me here!
  67. Launch a New Etsy Shop
  68. Make 100 Etsy Sales
  69. List Every Movie I Watch for 30 Days
  70. List 101 Things That Make Me Happy
  71. List 50 Places I'd Like to Visit In My Lifetime
  72. List 50 Experiences I'd Like to Have In My Lifetime
  73. List 25 New Hobbies I'd Like To Try
  74. List 52 Drawing Prompts
  75. Watch Every Best Picture Oscar Winner
  76. Go To The Sundance Film Festival
  77. See Flight of the Conchords Live.  I have tickets for October 26th!  Yay!!!
  78. Complete the Day Zero Ultimate Reading Challenge
  79. See 10 Movies at the Drive-In
  80. Go Bowling With the Family
  81. Learn 14 Recipes From Around the Globe
  82. Learn 14 Vegetarian Recipes
  83. Learn 14 Vegan Recipes
  84. Make Mawmaw's "Berry Pie"
  85. Make a Rainbow Layer Cake
  86. Make Homemade Gummy Bears
  87. Make Homemade Marshmallows
  88. Complete 50 Color Pencil Drawings
  89. Publish a Coloring/Activity Book.  Identifying Venomous Snakes of North America!
  90. Participate in a 30-Day Drawing Challenge.  THIS one is awesome!
  91. Make Money With My Artwork
  92. Participate in a 52-Week Art Challenge
  93. Create a Cryptozoology Calendar
  94. Build a Collection of "Bret" Sweaters (Flight of the Conchords!)
  95. Collect Creepy Old Toys.  Like this!
  96. Be a "Mother of Dragons".  I've always wanted a Bearded Dragon!
  97. Get Animal Plastics Housing For All of My Reptiles
  98. Crochet a Granny Square Blanket
  99. Reupholster a Chair 
  100. Build a Garment Rack
  101. Build a Craft Table
I'll be sharing my progress here on the blog, but feel free to follow me over on DayZero if you're participating as well!  You can find my profile HERE!

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