April 2, 2017

Life Lately // Catching Up

Life has been, for the lack of a better word, crazy.  My work hours shot up at the end of December due to an unexpected change in staff, and I'm finding it so difficult to accomplish anything outside of work.  I've been hiking only a handful of times, haven't even considered touching my camera for the most part, and have gained back nearly 10 pounds that I had lost before Thanksgiving!  Ughhh!  But, this isn't a rant post, I don't like doing that...so instead I'll catch you up on a few things that I HAVE been up to :)

First off, more hours means more money and I've begun the process of really working on making over my creative space!  I rearranged things, painted the walls white, and put a LOT in storage.  I also purchased a nice big rug and giant floor pillows to sit on while drawing.  I'm setting up an entire corner of my room to devote to relaxing, creating, and listening to my records.  I'll share photos once I have a few things on the walls and get my new record player :)  In the meantime...you can spot my cat Brando chilling on my floor pillows!
As you can see, I've also found the time to do at least a little bit of drawing.  Not nearly as much as I'd like, but hey...at least I'm dabbling right?!  The Snapping Turtle is a starting point for a Reptile & Amphibian series I'm creating for my Happy Herping project, and the illustration at the top was just me having fun with characters and practicing different facial features and styles...also a great chance to try out my new Copic markers...dude...I need ALL the Copic Markers!!!

A couple of weeks ago I added this wire shelving unit above my desk and filled it with a few of my favorite things :)  I can't believe it's taken me so long to finally start collecting the Wes Anderson Criterion Collection Blu-Rays...but it's happening!

I started reading again!  It saddens me to think about the lack of reading I've done over the past couple of years.  I've been making a point to not spend so much time on the computer and more time reading.  It's paying off.  I'm on a Stephen King reading binge right now, and am nearly finished with the second book in the Dark Tower series!  I'm looking forward to seeing the film adaptation this summer so I'm determined to finish the entire series before then.

Aside from setting up my room, reading a ton, and making an effort to start drawing again...I've seen a few films that I loved (mostly foreign language horror) such as The Wailing, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, Train To Busan, and The Eyes of My Mother.  If you're into horror/thrillers and don't mind sub-titles...I highly recommend all of these!

In the month of April, I hope to:

  • Get to the 4th Dark Tower book.
  • Spend some time practicing with my Hula Hoop.
  • Take walks at the park regularly.
  • Drink more water and less soda.
  • Add to my Wes Anderson Criterion Collection.
  • Illustrate more!
  • Buy that new record player I want!
Well, there it is!  Now that I've caught you up a bit on what's been going on...I'll try and not stay away so long before my next post.  I've got a couple of hours or so before The Walking Dead finale, so I suppose I'll do some cleaning up, pack lunch for tomorrow, and do a bit of reading while I wait.  

So, what have you been up to lately?


  1. This was a lovely little read Mindi! I love posts like this - where you get to take a peek into someone else's life! You're totally on a roll with those Stephen King books; I've been reading a lot too this month, but it's been a while since I've picked up something from King... I feel like I should fix that soon! The art project you're working sounds really exciting and can't wait to hear more about it :-)

    In terms of what I've been up to, I finally saw Get Out at the cinema and loved it. I've been reading a lot too and have almost finished Peter Benchley's Jaws!! x

  2. Thanks Sian! I bet Jaws is an awesome read...Ill have to add that to my list! My grandma loves movies just as much as I do and loved Get Out..Im really looking forward to seeing it ��

  3. I've read almost all of Stephen King's books except for the Dark Tower series, I get a bit intimidated by those books because the series is so long, is it worth it?
    I love your drawings! Copic markers truly are addictive, but I sometimes wish I didn't own so many as I think it forces you to be more creative with a limited palette.
    Glad to hear you've been doing OK, I've missed your updates!

  4. The Dark Tower series is much different than anything else of King's that I've read before. Its holding my interest, but its not what Im used to...and now thatIve started I want to finish. Perhaps Ill share a review once I finish the series. Of his work that I haven't read, The Stand intimidates me the most-its HUGE!

    And I can definitey agree with you on the copic marker collection. Im really into pastels and neutrals so I may stick with that for a while. We'll see!

    Thanks so much for sticking around. Ive shared so little this past year and it really brightens my day and encourages me to share more when I receive comments like your and Sian's!


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